Why Hire a DJ?

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So. Your sister went on holiday and came back engaged! Then she put you in charge of music and entertainment. That wasn’t even a thing until three weeks ago.You’re worried about those in-laws, a stuffy bunch has rarely been seen! Forget the country band, which you know they will hate. The only D.J. available for such short notice thinks music is something similar to the sound of shooting a pellet gun up a water spout. Why not solve all your problems with a Karaoke machine. But not just any old Karaoke machine. Get one with a D.J. The D.J. is professional and can adapt to any situation. You pick the music, he sets up and maintains all the equipment. He plays the music, organises all the guests and all you do is sing, laugh and dance.
You’ve seen them at the pub a few times and always wanted to try, but never had the nerve. Well, now you can!
There is no better way to celebrate a joyous occasion and bring people together like a good night of Karaoke! Imagine how funny it will be to see your old aunt Sue belting out some Credence Clearwater Revival!

A party to be remembered fondly.

Here is a Pinterest link for a 1000 ideas or Karaoke!

Whether you need a big sound or just a nice easy laid back party, the Karaoke D.J. is the way to go. You can choose from all kinds of music to suit your special event. It’s the perfect way to include everyone. Once they all see how fun it is, even the shiest of your guests will want to get up and belt out a few of their favourite songs.
The Karaoke D.J. is the professional choice for your party needs. They will set up all required equipment, load the music, organise all the singers and keep the party and music flowing.
Young or old, Karaoke appeals to all. Who doesn’t dream of being a rock star? Well, with the karaoke party all your guests can be whoever they want to be for the event. Using a D.J will ensure your guests have a wonderful time and they will be talking about it long after. Entertaining, fun and funny, it’s the perfect way to host the event of the year.
Who knows, maybe you will discover the newest Idol Star!

Why Hire a Professional DJ | Today’s Bride | Bridal Show With today’s economy, many couples are looking for ways to save money on their wedding. You may be wondering to yourself, “Why spend hundreds of dollars to hire a professional company when my friend, a DJ from an online classified ad or an MP3 player can do the same thing for less?” But, remember: Like choosing a photographer, dress designer or cake artist, hiring a DJ is not always an “apples to apples” comparison. While you might pay less for the services of an amateur entertainer, you may not be buying an equivalent product. Differences in quality and style can make a very big difference. The abilities of your DJ selection can determine how enjoyable your reception is for yourself and your guests — whether your dance floor stays packed all night long or whether everyone leaves by 9 p.m.

Today’s Bride Magazine

While it is certainly true that, like higher-quality photographers, dress designers and cake artists, a professional DJ company may not be your lowest bidder, here are a few good reasons to choose one anyway:






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