Wedding DJ- Who’s Spinning the Tunes in Denver?

In this day and age, where every dollar counts, many couples want to spend less on their weddings by not going the professional route on their entertainment. After all, why should you spend money on a professional DJ company when you have a friend, an iPod,
Wedding DJ in Denver COor even someone you found in the classifieds who will do it for less? The thing to remember is that the entertainment is just as important as the photographer you choose, the bride’s dress, and the wedding cake design. An amateur DJ might cost less, but the difference in service and quality is something to be concerned about. A professional DJ from Heartbeat Events could be the difference between a packed dance floor and an early evening for your guests.

A professional DJ in the Denver area might cost more, but the peace of mind you gain in knowing your entertainment needs are being met by experienced, competent professionals is invaluable. When trying to determine if hiring a professional is right for you, here are some things to consider:

Peace of Mind: It’s your wedding night! The last thing you need to be worrying about is keeping up with your MP3 player! When you hire a professional, you never have to worry about what is or is not playing. You get to sit back and have a good time while the pros handle the entertainment.

Music Selection: When you hire a pro, you also gain access to a pros music library. Because professional DJs work in a variety of different situations, they have an extensive library sure to include all of your favorites.

Professionalism: Professional DJs are, well, professionals. They’ll dress appropriately and follow your playlists paying particular attention to what you like to listen to. They’ll set up and be ready to go before your guests begin to arrive.

Reliability: Since your dealing with a professional, you don’t have to worry about your DJ friend getting sick, equipment breaking, or even transportation problems. Professional DJs have replacement equipment at the ready and backup staff on call should the need arise.

Equipment: A professional DJ in Denver provides more than just high-quality stereo equipment. They use special systems meant for large halls to provide clear sound without distortion. Think you might want a mic for speeches, announcements, or even toasts? A pro will have one.

Experience: This isn’t just a measure of how long the person running the equipment has been spinning tunes, but also about how well they speak in public, control the crowd, and deal with unexpected problems. Even with high-quality equipment, a DJ without sufficient knowledge can produce a sound only marginally improved over a stereo. Professional DJ’s are not only trained in the use of the equipment, but also in how to assess the acoustics of the venue, how to entertain crowds, how to speak in public, and how to be respectful to guests, all while providing for the bride and groom’s needs.

When asked, it’s a common refrain from wedding goers that their fondest memories were of the entertainment. Choices you make when planning your wedding will greatly impact how much not only you, but also, your guests will enjoy the evening. Why not leave the entertaining to the professionals? It’s definitely something to consider.