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We thought you might enjoy this for your special Friday, we also ask you, what is your favorite Karaoke song? I think anything by Incubus or the Rolling Stones might be my favorite. If you are throwing a party, give us a call, we can help you make your night memorable with a professional DJ

KARAOKE UNDERGROUND What’s your “go-to” karaoke song? Any self-respecting music lover has one. Mine is Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right,” which is found on practically any karaoke list anywhere – except at The Karaoke Underground. An Austin institution since 2004, this karaoke night like no other sprouted wheels and has been road-tripping all over the U.S., giving would-be singers a chance to attempt the indie and punk hits that are woefully missing from your standard karaoke bar. We saw it in glorious action recently and the best thing we heard was the collective sigh of relief that no one would attempt that terrible Kid Rock-Sheryl Crow song. The night we visited, we saw a fellow Houstonian crush a Neutral Milk Hotel song and another spurred a sing-a-long to “Start Wearing Purple.” The show hits Eastdown Warehouse tomorrow night, which means I’ve now got less than 48 hours to choose my new go-to jam, currently a toss-up between the Mountain Goats’ “This Year” and “Flower” by Liz Phair. JESSE SENDEJAS JR. Friday Free For All: | Houston Press

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RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS/JOHN FRUSCIANTE Where have you gone, John Frusciante? I really wanted to like the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, The Getaway, mostly because I respect the band’s longevity even if I didn’t always adore its sound. But when Frusciante left the group following 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, the band lost its heart. As subsequent releases have proven, he took the band’s focus with him as well. I’m With You (released in 2011) was all over the place, and so to is The Getaway, a somber, tired record that finds the Chili Peppers in transition between superstardom and nostalgia act. The Getaway marks the band’s first album since 1989 without producer Rick Rubin, but this misstep isn’t on new producer Danger Mouse. It’s on a band that, quite frankly, hasn’t sounded inspired in more than a decade. CLINT HALE Friday Free For All: | Houston Press

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