Karaoke and DJ Services in Woodland Park, Colorado

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History of Woodland Park, Colorado

Woodland Park started off in the 1890’s with strong, strict ordinances against any actions deemed lewd or inappropriate, from things like gambling and the sale of alcohol, to swearing and wearing revealing attire. Because of its location, when Woodland Park was first founded, it required a government loan in order to acquire clean water for their town reservoir. But because of that loan, and four other major industries: timber, gold/mining, the Midland Railway, and tourism; the town grew steadily, but slowly. The two industries that were the most important was tourism and timber. Tourism brought travelers and facilitated expansion of the service industry, causing the town to swell with hotels and restaurants. Timber was also an enormous industry, working year-round and it became the biggest industry in Woodland Park. Due to the popularity of dude ranches, Woodland Park earned a reputation through The Paradise Ranch. Woodland Park today only has around 8000 people, but still relies on the tourism industry.

Fun Facts About Woodland Park

Woodland Park is known as “The City Above the Clouds.” Due to its extreme altitude, it has a low population cap, and the weather is typically colder, even in the summer it remains chilly. Despite this, Woodland Park is almost always sunny, even when it is raining or just plain cloudy in neighboring towns. Benefitted by the sunniness, the views of the surrounding mountains and of Pike’s Peak is astounding to behold.

Musical Culture in Woodland Park

There only appears to be one dance studio and no theater groups in Woodland Park. That one studio is appropriately named Dana’s Dance studio, teaching very specialized routines. Woodland Park is hosting the Woodland Music Series, a day long concert playing mostly folk and blue grass or jazz and concert style orchestra. This event has mostly local groups playing, and takes place at the Ute Pass Cultural Center.
There are numerous venues here; prominent amongst them are Jive Café, Pikes Peak Brewing Company, and The Loft. Jive Café is a coffee shop that frequently has live music to set the tone. Pikes Peak Brewing Company typically has classic rock cover bands and blue grass bands play, and The Loft is a dedicated venue, no restaurant attached.
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