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Golden, from its namesake, was established as a Gold-Rush town, quickly becoming a leading economic and political center of the region. During Golden’s rise it boasted three flour mills, the first railroad in the Colorado mountains, five smelters, a paper mill, coal and clay mines, and the infamous Coor’s Brewery. Golden boomed after World War II, gaining many new forms of industry, and many new attractions, including Magic Mountain.

Fun Facts About Golden:

Golden is located west of Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, between Two Table and Lookout Mountains. Golden is home to a plethora of museums, with topics ranging from Geology, American Railroads, and the Arts. Golden is also home to many historic buildings, sites, and active businesses, including the Buffalo Rose Bar and Grill. For more information please visit http://www.cityofgolden.net/.

Music lifestyle in Golden:

Golden is the place to be for local arts and entertainment. From our thriving beer culture, to our historic museums, to our local Rock and Roll hotspots such as the Buffalo Rose Bar and Grill, there is never a lack of entertainment. Be sure to visit the Golden Music Festival after you stop off at the Buffalo Rose, and our biggest event of the year, Buffalo Bill Days in the summer! If you find yourself in Golden when a festival isn’t happening, then treat yourself to a brewery tour at a location such as Coors, Mountain Toad, or Cannonball Creek.

Famous people from Golden:

Probably Golden’s most famous export, is their beer. Most notably of their selection, would be Coors itself, made by the famous Adolph Coors. Along with our famous brewer, Engineer and Historian Edward L. Berthoud called Golden his home. Notable photographer Gertrude K√§sebier captured the beauty of Golden in her photographic masterpieces.