Karaoke and DJ Services in Brighton, Colorado

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History of Brighton, Colorado

Brighton began as Hughes Station, a small stage-coach stop and farming community. In 1881, a man named Daniel Carmichael laid out all the plots to turn Hughes Station into the town of Brighton. Later, in September of 1887, the small town of Brighton was incorporated. Since its humble beginnings in 1881, Brighton has grown to a city with a population of more than 33,000 people.
Among other things, Brighton is home to one of Colorado’s original Main Streets and also home to “The Armory”, a historic armory that has been restored and repurposed to become a multi-purpose event venue. Both are at the very heart of the Brighton community. The Main Street has been the hub of the town for 125 years and The Armory is the pride and joy of modern Brighton.

Fun Facts About Brighton

Brighton was actually named after the birthplace of Mr. Carmichael’s wife. She was born in Brighton Beach, New York.

Famous People from Brighton

Brighton is home to two well-known athletes; Todd Helton, first baseman for the Colorado Rockies and, Dillon Serna, an up and coming young soccer player who plays for the Colorado Rapids. Also, Richard Ling, the founding editor of Mobile Media and Communication, was born in Brighton.

The Music Scene in Brighton

In an effort to revitalize Brighton’s more historical scene, the city restored and repurposed an old historic armory. The venue, now known fondly as “The Armory”, hosts a wide variety of entertainment including theater and concerts. Among other events, The Armory hosts the Brighton Cultural Arts Commission Artfest through the month of June. Each event showcases 35 local artists and allows them a chance to show what they’re made of.