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History of Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, or “Breck”, as the locals fondly call it, began its long and colorful history as a little gold mining camp along the Blue River. Eventually, Breckenridge grew from that tiny mining camp to the world-renown resort destination it is today with a population of 4,540 people.
Breckenridge is the largest historic district in the entire state of Colorado, boasting over 300 historic sites. One of the most interesting of these historic sites is called the Gold Pan Saloon. The Gold Pan began its journey as basically a dive for the local miners in 1859. What makes this bar interesting is that it is still in business today, making it 157 years old!

Fun Facts About Breckenridge

A 13.5 gold nugget was found by Tom Graves and Harry Lytton in 1887. This huge nugget came to be called “Tom’s Baby” and, fittingly, has a home at the Colorado Museum of Natural History in Denver. In 1898, “Breck” experienced a phenomenon called “The Big Snow”. It snowed every single day for four months, from November of 1898 through February of 1899. There was so much snow that citizens were forced to tunnel around town to take care of life and the railroad was totally stopped for months.

Also in 1898, Pug Ryan and his gang robbed the Denver Hotel in Breckenridge. The whole gang was killed except Pug himself but, he never returned for his stolen treasures. Instead, a group of school children found his horde in 1908.
Professor Edwin Carter, Breckenridge resident from 1859 until his death around 1900, was a naturalist who dabbled in taxidermy through his life. After his death by arsenic poisoning (a “side-effect” of his taxidermy) he bequeathed his entire animal collection to the City of Denver, thus establishing the Colorado Museum of Natural History. His donation was the very first exhibit in this world-famous museum.

Famous People from Breckenridge

C. J. “Crazy John” Mueller hails from Breckenridge. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame on October 17, 2014. He holds three separate world speed records for speed skiing and snow-boarding and, in 1987, he became the first skier ever to exceed 130 mph.
Todd Richards also comes from Breckenridge. He was a medalist is skiing and snow-boarding in the 1998 Winter Olympics.
Music Culture Around Breckenridge

Breckenridge hosts the Breckenridge Music Festival throughout July and August every year. The festivals offer a wide variety of concerts, mostly in the classical genre.There is also a little place called the Blue River Bistro. The Blue River Bistro features local and Denver musicians that play anything from Delta Blues to Jazz.If you are interested in something more “pop culture”, there’s a nightclub called Celia’s Nightclub that features a wide diversity of music. It is the premier nightclub in Breckenridge.