Karaoke and DJ Services in Aspen CO:

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Info about Aspen:

Aspen is located in a remote area in the Rocky Mountains, Sawatch Range, and Elk Mountains. Aspen is located almost 8,000 feet above sea level and 11 miles west of the Continental Divide. It was known as a mining camp when it was first founded. Now, during the 20th century, this place has become a popular getaway for celebrities. Almost no middle-class family can afford to live in this expensive real estate neighborhood. There are 4 ski areas in the vicinity. Checkout the website on Aspen here: http://www.aspenchamber.org/ .

Music Life in Aspen:

There isn’t much live music around Aspen unless you are going to a bar at night. There are over 5 different bars to choose from when visiting Aspen. Go visit the Red Onion while in town, they have occasional live music. Also you can go checkout Shooters which is a major disco dance club in town. Club Chelsea which features live DJ’s with live music, it is very popular and hip. Checkout more of the music in Aspen here: http://www.aspenexplorer.com/aspen_nightlife.shtml .

Entertainment in Aspen:

There are a lot of choices in Aspen when looking for entertainment. Aspen is high up in the mountains so one of the best things to visit while there is the Aspen Mountain Ski Resort. There are 4 expensive ski areas. They offer ski lessons for adults and kids. There are also many great hotels you can stay in with indoor pools and great places to relax and enjoy yourself. Checkout more entertainment info in Aspen here: http://www.aspentimes.com/Entertainment .


The town was first named Ute City by the Indians who owned the land at the time. It was later renamed Aspen in 1890. The area was known for being one of the most productive silver mines in the United States at the time. By 1893, Aspen had a hospital, banks, two theaters, a police department, an opera house and electric lighting in the city.

Famous people from Aspen:

Aspen has hosted the Winter X Games sports event since 2002. One person that is famous that lives in Aspen is Mortimer Zuckerman. He is now a publisher of the New York Daily News. Another person is Whipple Jones who is known for fighting his company’s case in the Supreme Court. He also was a philanthropist, and later was put into The Colorado Ski Hall of Fame.