Karaoke and DJ service for Greeley:

When you need a team of professionals to DJ, MC, set up karaoke and light your birthday party, office party, wedding or any other kind of an important event, you can’t go wrong picking Heartbeat Events. An iPod can do the job on your home stereo, but with a large group of people talking and dancing and drinking, good luck setting the proper atmosphere without a pro at the laptop doing his magic. More than just playing the same old usual mp3 playlist, the Heartbeat Events team works hard to suit your specific wishes and desires and tailors their approach to each event according to the client. Heartbeat Events doesn’t just play music, they craft a live experience suited to your individual important event and listen to the room, modifying the beat and approach in accordance to the mood and atmosphere in the room.

And that’s not even getting into the fact that Heartbeat Events bring their own state of the art lighting equipment to truly and completely design your event so that it looks and feels, as well as sounds like no other and exactly the way you want it and that your guests enjoy and stay comfortably and consume more of your product. Give us a call at 720-495-0979.


Greeley, CO is the seat of the most populous county in Colorado – The Weld County. With the population at nearly 100,000, it counts as one of the larger cities in Colorado, 12th most populous to be exact. The township gets its name from Horace Greeley who, as the editor of the New York Tribune, came to Colorado during Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. It was originally named Union Colony but had the name later changed to Greeley. Two most important factors in driving the development of the city were agriculture and farming.

Culture and Music:

The cultural scene in Greeley is fairly well developed. When it comes to classical music, the most important institution is certainly The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, which was formed in 1911. In addition to that, there are a number of museums in Greeley. There are The Centennnial Village museum, The Greeley HIstory Museum, The Meeker Home Museum and many other smaller galleries. In addition to that, there a number of public at installations, both permanent and temporary, that can be observed around town. This should all come as no surprise, seeing as how Greeley was the first city to have its own Department of Culture formed in 1958. Today, the greeley Creative District was officially certified as an official Creative District by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade in 2014.