Karaoke and DJ service for Grand Lake:

You go to many events and it’s usually the case of same old, same old. Sure, you have fun, grab a few drinks with friends of professional acquaintances, but ultimately it all feels a little bit samey. Well, this is where Heartbeat Events comes in! We are prepared to create a custom live experience for your event. From the 160,000+ karaoke songs we make available to you, to a professional team of DJs and MCs that create original mixes and playlists just for your party, to world-class lighting systems that create just the kind of mood and ambiance you desire for your important event, Heartbeat Events are there for all your event needs and can masterfully entertain your guests all day and all night, keeping them happy, consuming your products and all round giving them a fun time they won’t soon forget!

Instead of using an iPod, Spotify or Pandora, invite us over and we will provide a much better experience for your guests. The benefits to hiring a professional event team are many. An iPod can’t gauge the vibe of the room and create decisions to switch things up if the music isn’t working for the crowd present. Also, the quality of sound that Heartbeat Events can provide is far above and beyond the quality of sound one can get from an iPod and plain speakers.


Great Lake, CO is a small, small town, but it’s set in a big, big place! Once you’ve reached your destination up by traveling the long, winding roads of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the elevation of about 2500 meters, you will find yourself in a quaint, petite township of Great Lake, CO that is the perfect place for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban city living.

It was established in 1881, and was originally started as a supply and outfitting point for the nearby cities of Gaskill, Teller City and Lulu City. It was the seat of the Grand County government from 1882 to 1888. As the name itself says, it is situated right next to the Grand Lake, Colorado’s deepest and largest natural lake, which is also part of the headwaters of the grand Colorado River.

Culture and Music:

The main draw of the township of Grand Lake, CO are its many natural beauties, its peace and quiet and its vibe of a frontier mountain town, but Grand Lake is also home to the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, a summer stock theatre company that produces Broadway musical throughout the summer for your viewing pleasure. There are so many festivals parades the year round, and the cities saloons hold musical and other types of entertainment in the evenings. Another bit of drama history is that Grand Lake, CO was home to the vacation home of the Duke himself – the star of the silver screen John Wayne.