Karaoke and DJ service for Grand Junction:

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Grand Junction, CO is the county seat of the Mesa County, Colorado municipality with a population of around 145,000. It is positioned alongside the Colorado River at the point of confluence with the Gunnison River. It derives its name from the historical Grand River, which was the original name for the Colorado River, and the junction of Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. Originally populated by the Ute and Fremont tribes, there are still many tribal landmarks and remnants of tribal culture to be found in Grean Junction, such as cave paintings and petroglyphs. Later populated by Europeans in the late 19th century.

Grand Junction is best known in wine connoisseur circles as the center of Colorado Wine Country, as it is home to more than two dozen wineries. The climate here is quite conducive to growth and nurture of various types of hearty red wine grapes, so make sure to bring a designated driver to your visit, because there will be plenty of delicious wine to taste and imbibe.

The natural beauty of the greater Grand Junction area is stunning. The crown jewel of the area is The Colorado National Monument. With its flat top mountain plateaus, red rock canyons that go for miles, stone monoliths and The Grand Mesa, The Colorado National Monument is easily one of the top tourist destinations in America, providing an immensely unique experience and plenty of stunning photo opportunities. As a natural preserve, The Colorado National Monument also offers many outdoor activities, such as fishing, biking, hiking and even skiing in the winter.

In terms of the culture, Grand Junction, CO is home to the Avalon Theatre, Museum of the West, Gateway Canyons Auto Museum and many other cultural attractions that should satisfy the brain after long hikes and outdoor activities satisfy the body. Many universities around town also often organize concerts, theatre plays, literature readings and movie screenings.