Karaoke and DJ service for Granby:

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Grandby was founded in 1904 and received its name after a well-renowned lawyer from the district named Granby Hillyer. It is the most populous city of Grand County, CO and is positioned at the elevation of 8000 feet. Seeing as how it is positioned in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains, nestled right in the middle of the National Forests, the scenery that surrounds it is absolutely spectacular and includes the view of the Continental Divide. The climate is fit for many activities, from fishing, hiking, golfing, biking, rafting to various forms of skiing and other outdoor activities. It is a paradise for any lover of the outdoors!

At the size of 1.8 sq mi. and the population of about 1800, it’d be hard to consider Grandby a big town, but for a small town, it has quite an array of possible activities available for both the visitors and the locals. Grandby is accessible via the California Zephyr line of the Amtrak, which travels daily. And though Grandy does have Granby-Grand County Airport, it is an airport mainly used for refueling, and there are currently no passenger flights being scheduled.

While there doesn’t seem to be a lot of culture or nightlife in Granby, it makes sense seeing as how it is a small place meant mainly to be enjoyed in a quiet and relaxed fashion. Still, in addition to the outdoor activities, Granby has a thriving culinary scene. You could stop by Maverick’s Grille for some good old fashioned burgers, Pearl Dragon for some authentic Chinese food, Mustachio’s on the Lake for some American standards with a gorgeous view or Java Lava Cafe for a simple coffee and a croissant to get you ready in the morning for all the outdoors goodness to come during the day.