Karaoke and DJ service for Dumont:

An iPod is never a replacement for karaoke or a professional DJ. People think they save money by this replacement, but the fact is an iPod just plays the songs automatically, whether crowd likes it or not, but a professional DJ understands his audiences and plays the tracks accordingly to pump up the party! Call us now @ (720)495-0979 if you need a professional DJ or Karaoke services for either corporate or personal events in Dumont, CO. We can help you with all of your karaoke or DJ needs.


Dumont is a very small community in Clear Creek County, Colorado. The area is named after a mine operator, John M. Dumont.

Fun facts about Dumont:

Dumont is known for enthusiasts of adventure sports like rafting. The drive along scenic Mount Evans is one more thing that can’t be missed in Dumont.

You can find more info on Dumont here: http://www.colorado.com/cities-and-towns/dumont

Music Lifestyle in Dumont:

There aren’t any places in Dumont which serve food with live music. You can check out more live venues and music near Dumont here: