Karaoke and DJ Services in Windsor, Colorado

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History of Windsor, Colorado

In the 1870’s, two major factors were at play that drew in large amounts of permanent residents to Windsor, CO. One of which was plentiful water and irrigation, the other is a quickly built rail depot. The irrigation leads to great crop variety, which lead to an important cash flow, and then a railroad. Due to tariffs of the time, sugar was a much sought-after commodity, so Windsor was used as a way to refine cheap sugar using sugar beets. The sugar beet factory brought in even more immigrants to Windsor, largely German Americans and Russian Americans, leading to an economic boom. Though the sugar beet factory is gone, Windsor still has numerous factories at work: Vestas, Hexcell, Ice Energy, and Owens Illinois all have factories or plants currently in Windsor.

Fun Facts About Windsor

Windsor is ranked as the “Number one city in Colorado” due to a variety of factors. The biggest of which is the crime rate, which is incredibly low for a city of its size, only about 1 crime per 9,600 people. Not only that, but since it is a center for commerce, there is work aplenty and a decently small cost of living. According to the Coloradoan, the median income of Windsor is almost $80,000 a year, compared to others on the list, that is impressive.

Musical Culture in Windsor, Colorado

There are numerous dance academies and studios and theaters available in Windsor, from child-level classes at Just for Kix, to all-age group classes with A Dance Place, both schools offering courses in ballet, hip hop, and many more. There also is the Windsor Community Playhouse, offering a variety of plays, shows, skits, and much more for audiences to enjoy.Windsor will also be hosting a Summer Concert Series with performances ranging from Acapella to Reggae Rock and Gypsy Folk. All performances will be held at Boardwalk Park.

There are many live venues available in Windsor, chief amongst it is the Budweiser Events Center, boasting large capacity and is a draw for various musicians and performances. Then there are the typical dining and bar venues like Ricky B. Sports Pub and Music Venue.
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