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History of Westminster, Colorado

First settled by nearby Arapaho Indians, Westminster came into being due to prospectors looking for gold in the late 1850’s. It wasn’t until 1870 when the first, permanent, white settler constructed his home, earning the name DeSpain Junction, after himself. The original founder was a man aptly named Pleasant DeSpain. With the introduction of a train depot in 1881, the city grew and a real estate developer invested heavily into the city. And so, DeSpain Junction became Harris, named after the real estate developer, C.J. Harris. In 1891 the Westminster castle began construction, for which the town was renamed for in 1911.

Fun Facts About Westminster

Westminster was named and renamed a grand total of 3 times. First in 1870 as DeSpain Junction, then again in the 1880’s as Harris due to the community wanting to thank J. C. Harris, and finally in the 1910’s was it finally named Westminster because of the castle that is still standing to this day. This is due to the town growing and incorporating new areas and landmarks, then becoming named for the new, rather than the old.

Musical Culture in Westminster

Westminster is home to the Germinal Stage theater group. Most music festivals are held in nearby Denver, with the noted exception of the Historic Westminster Jazz and Art Festival, held this year at the Hidden Lake High School. Westminster shares most of its venues with Denver, mostly due to the suburban nature of Westminster. But, Westminster owns one major venue: Ziggie’s Live Music. Ziggie’s is a blues bar that frequently hosts shows by local and abroad artists. With regular showings of blues bands and groups, Ziggie’s has maintained a quality atmosphere for all patrons who visit, even earning the 2016 Westword Best Blues Bar award.
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