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Denver was founded in November of 1858, by General William Larimer, when it was well-known as gold mining town. It has been coined the “Mile High City” because it is exactly a mile above sea level. In 1870, Denver was connected to America’s great railroad system, The Transcontinental Railway, which made Denver become even more popular at this time in history.

Fun Facts About Denver:

The first permanent structure in Denver was a Saloon.  Denver is home to over 660,000 people. It is also the capital and the largest city in Colorado. Denver is a city with a lot of things to do and see.  From daytime family fun to nighttime entertainment, Denver has it all.  Here are some fun facts to know about this great city:

*The first permanent structure in Denver was a Saloon

*There was a law passed in 1902 for “no kissing” on the train platforms.

*Denver has over 300 days of sunshine

*Denver has the highest number of baby boomers in the country, making it the “baby boomer capital of America”.

Music Life in Denver:

There are a lot of music experiences in Denver. Denver is the home to many night-clubs, parties, bars, festivals, gatherings, and events. Denver offers a wide variety of music culture from rock to hip-hop,  to karaoke.

Musicians from Denver:

Some well-known musicians that were born in and grew up in the Denver are: Philip Bailey; a R&B, soul, gospel singer and actor and, The Lumineers, a folk rock trio. The Lumineers  are still going on tour as of 2016.