Karaoke and DJ Services in Black Hawk, Colorado

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History of Black Hawk, Colorado

Black Hawk was established as a gold mining town in 1859. The town almost completely busted in the 1860’s when people could no longer get gold from hard rock mining but, a man named Nathaniel P. Hill invented Colorado’s first successful ore smelter here and it saved the town for a couple more decades. The population of Black Hawk soared to 1200 people by 1900, partly due to the ore smelter but, by 1910, the population had dropped to less than 700 people. Now, Black Hawk is almost exclusively a gambling town, with 17 different casinos within its bounds, and the resident population has dropped to less than 150 people.

Fun Facts About Black Hawk

Atlantic City, New Jersey, once a gambling mecca, has a population of nearly 40,000 people and Black Hawk has several more casinos in it than Atlantic City does.

Buffalo Bill Cody was a resident of Black Hawk for a brief time while he was looking for gold in the surrounding area.

Famous People in Black Hawk

Nathaniel P. Hill: not only is he the man that saved Black Hawk from busting in the 1860’s, he was also a chemistry professor at Brown University, an Ivy League university, and he served in the United States Senate from 1879-1885.

Music Life in Black Hawk, Colorado

There isn’t much in Black Hawk for music festivals and that sort of thing but, it has numerous casinos that provide live musical entertainment and dancing or karaoke or DJ events.

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