Karaoke and DJ Services in Berthoud, Colorado

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History of Berthoud, Colorado

White settlers arrived in the area as early as 1860. The community was originally known as Little Thompson. Later, in the 1870’s, the Central Colorado Railroad built railway tracks through the area and the town’s name was changed to Berthoud in honor of Edward L. Berthoud, the man who surveyed the area for the railroad. In 1886, the Welch Addition doubled the size of Berthoud. Over the years, agriculture really blossomed in the area and the town eventually grew to a population of 5,394 people.

Fun Facts About Berthoud

In the winter of 1883, at the urging of the Central Colorado Railroad, the buildings of Berthoud were loaded onto skiffs and pulled by draft animals to a new location about a mile north of the Thompson River where the town has continued to thrive and grow ever since. Apparently, moving the entire town was urged by the railroad because it was too hard for the steam engines to pull up the sides of valley around the original town location.

Musical Culture in Berthoud, Colorado

There are several dance and theater groups in Berthoud including the Berthoud Dance Company and the Moon Theater Company.

Berthoud has the honor of hosting the 2016 Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival. The event will be held at a working cattle ranch called Parrish Ranch. It will feature old-fashioned square dance ho down sort of music. The festival will also feature performances and workshops.

There are also some notable live music venues in Berthoud: The Derby Grille and City Star Brewing. The Derby Grille offers excellent food and live entertainment. City Star Brewing has lots of live music lined up and offers a wide variety of brews for peoples’ enjoyment.

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