Karaoke and DJ Services for Bailey, CO

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History of Bailey, Colorado

Bailey was founded by a man named William Bailey in 1864 and was originally called Bailey Ranch. It started as a ranch, stagecoach station, and hotel, all built by William Bailey. In 1878, the Denver – South Park Railway reached Bailey Ranch. Eventually, the town came to be called just Bailey and grew to a population of nearly 9000 people.

Fun Facts About Bailey, Colorado

-In 2006, the historic Coney Island Hot Dog Stand was moved from Aspen to Bailey. The Coney Island Hot Dog Stand is a landmark building that is shaped like a giant hot dog.

-The town of Bailey has been mentioned three different times in the popular adult cartoon series, South Park:  Once in a season 6 episode; again in a season 9 episode called “Bloody Mary”; and a third time in a season 12 episode called “Britney’s New Look”.

Music Lifestyle in Bailey, Colorado

Bailey hosts two annual music festivals every year: The Bailey Day Street Festival and the Apogaea Art and Music Festival. The Bailey Day Street Festival is an annual summer event that offers live music, vendors, and family activities. The Apogaea Art and Music Festival is also an annual event that is a collaborative effort including arts, music, and camping.

Bailey is also home to five music stores and a variety of musicians and event hosting services.

Famous People from Bailey, Colorado

Erwin Jay Boydston was born in Bailey, Colorado on April 22, 1875. He joined the Marine Corps and was sent to China to fight in the Boxer Rebellion. In 1900, he was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest military award in America, because he helped build barricades to keep troops safe while under heavy and deadly fire from the enemy. He passed away in Hawaii on September 26, 1957. You can find out more about Bailey here: