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When you decide to have the mother of all house parties and feel that only a disc jockey will do, it’s up to you to find someone who will be suitable. There are many things to consider when hiring someone to work in your home. Just like hiring a caterer, it’s important to do your research.

Cost. Have your budget in place before you start calling. Don’t always go with the least expensive, but if you are bringing them into your home, it’s best to have looked into them. Get recommendations. Find people who have done this or call your friends who may have had you at their party.

Get references. This is very important, especially if this person is new to you. Call the references and ask as many questions you need, regarding safety, alcohol, children. You can never be too cautious. Ask about insurance. Are they with an organisation or independent. Is your homeowners insurance coverage suitable for this kind of situation.
Find out if they have a large library of music. Most should but it never hurts to ask.
Most important. Enjoy yourself!

Hire A Party DJ | Best DJs For Parties Party DJs can play a wide variety of music and help you craft a party that you’ll never forget.

GigMasters has thousands of professional DJs for parties of all kinds.

From birthday parties to graduations, reunions and more – party DJs are the ultimate entertainment solution for every event.

Karaoke: Japanese word meaning, ‘Band no show. You sing?’

What could be more enjoyable than watching your uncle half full of Scotch butchering the lyrics to “Freebird?”
Not much. Hiring a Karaoke D.J. is great fun for all your big events. Plus, by hiring the D.J. instead of just the karaoke machine, you get the full experience. The D.J will explain how it all works, play the music, keep the participants happy and keep the party moving!

Karaoke is fun for the whole family! Laugh, sing, dance! Hours of entertainment perfect for any wedding, Graduation, birthday or that retirement party. Perfect even for wallflowers and for those who never dreamed they would ever sing publicly. Once they see how fun and easily accessible it is they will all be picking their favourite songs to sing to all!
The D.J. Karaoke is the perfect present for all your party needs! With Karaoke, everyone is a Rock Star!

DJ – Disc Jockeys for Events, Party DJs DJ services are ideal for larger events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events because they help keep the party moving. Not only do DJs spin your favorite tunes but a great disc jockey will also emcee the event, making key announcements and introductions.




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Heartbeat Events will dj for special events and has a karaoke selection of over 150,000 songs to choose from. Call us today!
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