Karaoke and DJ Service for Lakewood, CO

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Development on our community began in 1889 by two men, W.A.H Loveland, and Charles Welch. Until 1969, Lakewood lacked a municipal government, relying on neighboring services to ensure coverage of needs. In that year, the City of Lakewood officially incorporated as Jefferson City. Shortly after an election was held to rename the town to Lakewood to avoid confusion with similarly named communities in Missouri and Colorado.

Fun Facts About Lakewood:

Lakewood is immediately west of Denver, off of Colorado State Highway 121, nestled on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains. In such close proximity to Denver, we are included in the Denver Metropolitan area. We boast the beautiful South Platte River, with many of its tributaries cutting through Lakewood. In 2011, Lakewood was named an All-American City for the first time!

Music lifestyle in Lakewood:

Lakewood never wants for entertainment! If you are looking for a bite to eat, a song to dance to, or a relaxing and secluded nature getaway, then you are in the right place. Lakewood boasts locations such as the Keg Steakhouse and Bar, Teller’s Taproom & Kitchen, and the Yard House just to name a few. If a song is what you are after, then maybe Milk, the Beta Nightclub, or VIE Nightclub are more to your liking. No matter your tastes, Lakewood has something for you!

Famous people from Lakewood:

It’s not hard to believe, with so much charisma in our town, that these charismatic individuals once called Lakewood home. Men like Chris Broderick, guitarist for Megadeth, basketball player Kyle Korver, and pro wrestler Steve Williams, better known as Dr. Death, have all lived right here in our town! Even science thrives with names like Sol Katz, a pioneer in the world of geospatial software.