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History of Broomfield

Broomfield began life as a tiny little town called Zang’s Spur in 1877. Through the years, it has grown to a fairly large town of 65, 065 people. Not only has the city grown remarkably, it has also become a county in itself. At one point in Broomfield’s history, its residents had to deal with the confusion and frustration of being governed by four separate counties. Then, in November of 1998, a statute granted the city the status of county, thus making Broomfield both a city and a county as well as eliminating the chaos of so many people being governed by many different counties.

Fun Facts about Broomfield

Researchers don’t really know for sure where the name Broomfield came from but, they suspect the town was named for the huge fields of broom corn that are grown in the area. Although the town was founded well over 100 years ago, it was never incorporated as an actual city until 1961, making it the very newest city in Colorado.

Famous People from Broomfield

Broomfield can lay claim to several accomplished athletes including Anna Prins and Vince Russo. Anna Prins is a basketball center for the Connecticut Sun basketball team. While she was not born in Broomfield, she attended high school here. Vince Russo is a pro-wrestler also known as Vicious Vincent and Vic Venom among other ring names. He currently resides in Broomfield.

The Music Scene in Broomfield

The hottest live music scene in Broomfield is called 1st Bank Center. 1st Bank Center hosts live music performances across numerous musical genres throughout the year. There are also numerous bars, taverns, and pubs in Broomfield that host various live music performances from time to time. Some of these are North Side Tavern, The Old Man, and 92nd Avenue Tavern.