Things to Consider When Hiring a DJ in Denver

how to hire a dj Regardless of the type of party you might be planning in 
the Colorado area, if you want it to be a success, you really have to consider your entertainment options. Recently, it has become increasingly popular to hire a professional DJ. There are a number of reasons why the use of DJs has become so popular, but foremost among these is that it is generally more economical than hiring a live band. Additionally, and nearly as important, DJs are often more flexible than other live entertainment, and can service a broader range of tastes. If you are thinking a DJ might be right for your party, here are some things to consider when selecting one that is right for you.

Find a Pro

Although it is easy to find amateur DJs on Craig’s List or in your local paper, there’s more to providing professional service than just owning the equipment. You really want a DJ with at least three years of professional experience. It’s worth looking in the phone book or at business directories online in order to find a true professional.

The Right DJ for the Right Event

There are a variety of social events professional DJs provide service for. Many specialize in specific types of events. Some may only handle weddings, while others focus on corporate gatherings. Still others may confine themselves to children’s parties. When looking to hire a DJ service, make sure the service you choose has experience with the type of party you are throwing in Denver or the surrounding area. At Heart Beat Events, we are qualified for any type of event you need us to provide our DJ service for.

Look at the DJ’s Website

Many DJs don’t have a brick and mortar presence, meaning they won’t necessarily have a place for you to visit. Most will have an online presence through a social media such as Facebook or a website where you can get information from. Often you can gauge a DJ’s degree of professionalism by how they present themselves online. You can often narrow your list of potential entertainers utilizing the content and style of their web page.

dj equipment


While websites and especially interviews can provide you a good idea of the quality of the DJ you’re considering, even better is to hear a sample of their work. Professional DJs can usually provide you sample recordings of prior work to give you a better idea of their skill level. Also, be sure to ask for a full list of the music and genres the DJ has available for your party. You can see our song list here. 


While hiring a DJ is usually much cheaper than hiring a band, remember that you generally have to spend more for quality. Keep in mind that the equipment the DJ uses in his performance represents, at least to some extent, the quality of his service. That means if the service is cheap, it’s likely using lower quality equipment.

From wedding receptions to fund raisers, a professional DJ from Heartbeat Events is an excellent entertainment choice for your event. Follow the tips outlined here and shop around until you find the best DJ for your particular engagement!