Memorial Day tends to be a fairly quiet holiday in contrast to the fireworks and other noise of Fourth of July. However, some people may decide that a big party is the best way to spend the day. To make the day extra special, you may decide to hire a DJ and have karaoke. Heartbeat Events is proud to offer experienced DJs and a laptop with over 100 gigs of music for your listening pleasure. Call us or email us, and we will give you a quote. We do this based on where you’ll have the party and how long you need our DJ or Karaoke service.

Figuring out what music to have at the event is another factor to consider. Given that it’s Memorial Day, you may have the idea of playing a lot of music that strikes you as particularly American, such as country or jazz. At Heartbeat Events, we have so much music in our library that your Memorial Day playlist should be a breeze to put together. If you decide to make the day even more exciting by having karaoke, let us know. We proudly offer karaoke, with over 150,000 songs to pick from. That’s enough music for a whole night of singing! Just let us know if you have any songs in particular that you and the guests would like to have on the list.

Our schedule fills up fast, so gives a call!

Make Heartbeat Events part of your next Memorial Day party – we’ll handle the music, and you and all your guests will get to enjoy the party without worry.