Birthdays are usually a great reason to celebrate. It’s been a whole year, you’ve gotten through it alive, probably have some silly stories to tell. If it’s a special birthday, like a quinceañera or Sweet 16, or a 100th birthday, hiring a DJ is one way to make the event memorable.As with all things where you hire someone to provide a service, it’s important to do a lot of research. Sometimes a DJ specializes in one type of event, like weddings or corporate parties. At Heartbeat Events, you’ll find DJs who have done a variety of events, from those expensive corporate parties to birthday parties/quinceañeras.

Heartbeat Events will give you a quote based on where the event will be held, what day it will be, travel expenses, and other criteria. Just call us or drop us an email and we’ll work it out. If you find that the venue has been changed, or the date must be changed, please let us know immediately. Heartbeat Events has a huge collection of music, so there’s bound to something everyone likes. Be sure to let us know if there are certain songs you would rather we not play also.