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Having a family reunion, graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a party just for the heck of it? Any special occasion is a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s a themed party, a corporate event, a karaoke night, or a wedding, the DJs at Heartbeat Events in Denver, CO have got it covered!

A party just isn’t a party without good music and entertainment. Even if the special occasion is low key, soft music in the background can still take it to the next level and create ambiance. Maybe it’s a disco party that needs a dance floor and lighting? An experienced and professional DJ can help with all of the planning and logistics no matter the style of party.

Professional DJs are a guaranteed way to make sure a special event runs smoothly and has great sound. Heartbeat Events will help plan a special occasion and ensure that their DJs will be on time, reliable, well dressed, and professional. If the special event needs quiet time for speeches, the DJs can help plan it into the schedule. The DJs at Heartbeat Events are talented and have a wide array of skills.

A quality DJ knows how to set up equipment, play and mix music, emcee an event, interact with the crowd, take requests and direction, or he or she can fold into the background. Heartbeat Events can also provide beautiful lighting and a dance floor. It all depends on the special event and what the host requires.

How about karaoke at a special event? Heartbeat Events can provide that as well! The DJs are excellent at getting a crowd to participate in Karaoke! They have a large selection of Karaoke music to choose from. The entire music selection is available online at www.heartbeat-events.com.

Professional DJs also have the best equipment including speakers, software, mixers, microphones, and a large selection of music. Better than using just an MP3 player and renting equipment, which can be very expensive, everything is included when a professional DJ is hired. They bring and set up their own quality equipment, run the music and event (if necessary), and take it all down and away at the end of the event.

Hiring a professional DJ like the DJs at Heartbeat Events removes stress from the host of the event and lets the host focus on what is really important, the guests and having a great time!

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Heartbeat Events will dj for special events and has a karaoke selection of over 150,000 songs to choose from. Call us today!
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