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Graduation! A time to celebrate! Classes are over and the hard work is done. One chapter closes, while many others are opening! It’s a new beginning. That sounds like a reason to have a fantastic party!Heartbeat Events in Denver, CO has experienced DJs who know how to throw a killer graduation party. Whether the graduation is from high school, college, or grad school, every graduate deserves to have a party to celebrate his or her accomplishments!

A professional DJ will have beautiful lighting and a large selection of music to choose from. Experienced DJs are also extremely flexible and able to interact with guests. If something happens at the party, or there is a last minute change, it’s very likely that the DJ can quickly adapt. If a guest has a request or dedication, the DJ can accommodate the request. The DJs at Heartbeat Events are both professional and experienced.

Heartbeat Events takes it even one step further and can provide karaoke for a party if that’s what the graduate decides he or she wants. Heartbeat Events DJs can throw the party at a private residence or at a public venue. For most locations, the DJs can also provide a dance floor! No matter where the party is held, it’s a good idea to chat with the DJ about which songs the graduate wants played in advance of the party. Depending on the guest list, professional DJs can host a mellow party or an all out bash!

Heartbeat Events has a large selection of music to choose from. They also have a very large karaoke library if the graduate elects to go that route. No matter what the graduate decides, thanks to state of the art equipment, Heartbeat Events can promise that the music is going to sound superb. They have the best speakers, software, mixers, and microphones. Because graduation parties are becoming increasingly popular, Heartbeat Events recommends booking early. They also advise speaking with a DJ promptly to discuss theme, tone of party, song selection, and any other party options or choices. Pricing options will be discussed and depend on the type and date of the event. Good DJs are in high demand; don’t miss an opportunity to have an awesome party to mark such a special event and accomplishment! Here’s to the next chapter!

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Heartbeat Events will dj for special events and has a karaoke selection of over 150,000 songs to choose from. Call us today!
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