What is a Corporate Event DJ?

Corporate event DJs’ come to events and can host music and live entertainment for group gatherings and meetings in Denver, CO. Event DJ’s are great to have at things such as BBQ’s, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, business meetings, any type of event really that is in need of some entertainment. We also offer other things for your event such as planning, the DJ, and special lighting to make the event even more fun.

What does a Corporate Event DJ do?

They provide the entertainment for your gathering or event. They are the ones who plan for the event so you do not have to. All you have to do is contact one and we will do the rest.

Making Your Event More Professional

If your event is for something professional, do not worry.  The event DJ is very mature and will know what to play for you and your event. Your guests can also make requests for what they want to hear. They are there for your entertainment and to make you and your guests happy while maintaining a professional environment.


Every event DJ wants their host to be happy. Just give us the details of your party or event and we will do the rest.  Just choose a genre or a style and Heartbeat Events will take it from there.