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We thought you might enjoy this article featured in the HollywoodReport about Karaoke Carpool.

‘Late Late Show’ Producers on Not Overdoing ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and the Power of Viral – Hollywood Reporter [The Hollywood Reporter spoke with an assortment of the biggest names in late night about changes to the volatile variety talk category at the upcoming Emmys for a magazine story. Some longer Q&As from those interviews are going online.]

Since The Hollywood Reporter spoke with The Late Late Show with James Corden executive producers Ben Winston and Rob Crabbe in May, the show’s lucrative Carpool Karaoke empire has expanded to include Broadway stars, an extended McDonald’s commercial featuring Selena Gomez and, soon, Michelle Obama. So it’s possible that the standards by which they vow to protect the franchise are in flux, which isn’t surprising given that Corden and his producers landed on a goose that lays viral eggs, the most powerful commodity in late night television in specific and in 2016 media in general.

“I think that because it’s such a great bit, I think you become more precious towards it, so we won’t do Carpool more than once every three weeks,” Winston said. “That means we sometimes need to put off artists that we would love to have on, but we can’t have them too often. Therefore, we’ve just always got to be very, very careful that we don’t overdo it because you want to protect what’s important to you.”

This is so important. When they talk about overdoing it, this is so important. However, when you have a karaoke party and everyone is having a great time, it really is hard to “overdo” it.

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